Sales & Distribution

Line of New Containers
A Line of Industrial Resource Networks Trailers
A Line of Industrial Resource Networks Ttucks

Industrial Resource Network Inc. owns its own fleet of both tractor trailers and straight trucks. We take pride in our on time delivery and pick-up service. We offer drop trailers at customer locations when required or requested. Transportation services are available directly from the leading manufactures.

IRN has been a leader in the distribution of new and reconditioned; steel, plastic, fiber drums and containers of all types and sizes. At our centrally located facility in Wilmington, DE we inventory sufficient quantities of industrial packages to accommodate our customer’s delivery requirements. We also offer dedicated storage/warehousing for customer owned inventories when “just in time” deliveries are required.


Industrial Resource Networks Totes
Industrial Resource Networks Steel Drums
Industrial Resource Networks Fiber Drums

Since 1988, IRN has supplied to our customers an RCRA empty drum and IBC container removal service. Empty used containers and drums are transported to our completely indoor facility by way of company owned trucks and trailers. Containers are separated according to type size and intended recycling end use.

Plastic Granulation and Recycling

Washing containers
Holding Plastic After Granulation
Box of Shredded Plastic after Granulation

A very important value to our customers has been our ability to destroy and recycle plastic containers of all sizes, types and shapes. All containers are thoroughly cleaned prior to granulation. We have expanded our operation to provide recycling services that include; automotive, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, miscellaneous damaged, off spec. and outdated plastic products and packaging.